• Why WiFi Likes?
Offer Free Wi-Fi, Get More Likes

Why WiFi Likes?

Offering Free WiFi no longer has to be free service with nothing in return for your business. With WiFi Likes you can offer Wi-Fi and market to your customers at the same time. Find Out How
Customers Lose Signal
When customers lose signal they lose the ability to share information about your business via social outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Yelp and many others. Customers are more likely... Read More Brand Awareness
Brand Awareness is a critical part of today’s social media marketing. With Wifi Likes, customers are guided to a customized branded image of your company before being able to connect to your free Wifi... Read More
Increase Facebook Likes
The basic premise behind WiFi Likes is to gain additional Facebook “Likes.” With Wifi Likes, customers are guided to “Like” your establishment before gaining access to your Wifi... Read More

Sustained Marketing To Your Customers
Each customer who “LIKE”s your company can receive future marketing directly to their Facebook News Feed. WiFi Likes will work with your business to design...Read More

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